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In collaboration with scholars, artists, entrepreneurs, and generous supporters, the MAPS Store features products of insight, integrity, and ingenuity. With your support, clinical research investigating the therapeutic and beneficial effects of psychedelics and marijuana continues to demonstrate promising results. Shop with a purpose as sales from the MAPS Store further our research and mission.
Historic Artifacts      View All
PiHKAL : A Chemical Love Story (SIGNED)
Price: $500.00
TiHKAL : The Continuation (SIGNED) by the Shulgins
Price: $500.00
LSD My Problem Child - Signed, Original, Hardcover
Price: $1,000.00
Books      View All
Ultimate Journey
Price: $19.95
LSD My Problem Child
Price: $15.95
Ayahuasca Religions
Price: $11.95
DVDs      View All
Dirty Pictures
Price: $25.00
Neurons to Nirvana (DVD)
Price: $25.00
Vine Of The Soul DVD - Encounters with Ayahuasca
Price: $25.00
MAPS Bulletin: Back Issues      View All
Bulletin: Psychedelics and Education
Price: $8.95
Bulletin: 2013 Annual Report
Price: $8.95
Bulletin: Psychedelics in Psychology & Psychiatry
Price: $8.95
Art Gallery      View All
Rolling Thunder by Simon Haiduk
Price: $450.00
Celestial Shore by Adam Scott Miller
Price: $250.00
Nilza by Andrew Jones
Price: $850.00
Clothing & Accessories      View All
MAPS Sticker 2013
Price: $2.00
MAPS Metal Water Bottle
Price: $25.00

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