Entheowheel Salon Series

in collaboration with Esalen Institute

Bridging the Worlds of Ancient and Modern Science

5 interactive salons beginning Sunday, January 16, 2022
+10 hours of additional Video Content


Entheowheel is the collaborative creation of Dream Mullick and an incredible visionary team of mostly volunteers, community sponsors and grassroots funders. The vision was born as an experiment at the edge of our Western World, quite literally, on the cliffs of Big Sur at Esalen Institute, birthplace of the Human Potential Movement.


Salon Series Highlights:

  • 5 salons bringing together ceremonialists, scientists, doctors and thought leaders to explore the roles of preparation, ceremony and integration of psilocybin experiences.
  • Bridging the worldviews of ancient and modern science.
  • 10-hours of conversation, ceremonial practices and community connection with Paul Stamets, Erika Gagnon, East Forest, Jyoti Ma, Xochitl Ashe, Tony Bossis, Louie Schwartzberg and more.
  • 10+ hours of Immersive Video library from curated footage filmed at the Esalen Institute during The Ceremony & Science of Psilocybin (spring of 2021).

Speaker Headshots (named above)

Everything we offer and create orients around these intentions:

  • To honor the wisdom and intelligence of Sacred Plants & Psychedelic Medicines and the lineage keepers of these medicines.
  • To widely share the wisdom & tools by creating equitable access to information and experiences for those who have been marginalized in the emerging modern psychedelic renaissance, including people of color.
  • To prepare individuals and communities who are new to Sacred Plant Medicine & Psychedelics for possible future experiences, and offer the space for those with experience to deepen their knowledge.
  • To create and hold safe space for all individuals to connect, learn, share & explore.
  • To bridge the world views of ceremony (“original science”) & modern science.
  • To offer the unique opportunity to experience and explore non-ordinary states of consciousness without requiring participants to ingest any substances.
  • To introduce and emphasize the value of integration as an essential tool of inner and outer transformation after psychedelic experiences.
  • To reconnect with the ordinary as sacred, and the mycelial web of all life.

Additional Funds Needed

Salon Series Funding:

  • BIPOC Scholarships - $5K
  • Salon Production - $10K
  • Video Content Post-Production - $5K
  • Video Trailer - $3K
  • Web Platform - $5K
  • Marketing, Advertising & Outreach - $10K
  • Admin - $2K


∞ = E-course Learning Journey + Future Programs

Pie Chart of Funds Needed

Donations are tax-deductible through our fiscal sponsor, MAPS.
(5% of your donation goes to MAPS to cover administrative costs)