Psychedelic Science 2013
Event Registration is closed.

Registration Prices

  • 3-Day Conference Ticket - $425
  • 3-Day Conference with one workshop (Thursday OR Monday, Holotropic Breathwork excluded) - $550
  • 3-Day Conference with two workshops (Thursday AND Monday, Holotropic Breathwork excluded) - $675
  • One Workshop without Conference ticket (Thursday OR Monday, Holotropic Breathwork excluded) - $150
  • Two Workshops without Conference ticket (Thursday AND Monday, Holotropic Breathwork excluded) - $275
  • Conference Day Pass - $160/day
  • Friday Night Cruise - SOLD OUT
  • Friday Night Bus from COSM Bicycle Day Party to Hotel - $15
  • Saturday Night Dinner - $85
  • Special Holotropic Breathwork Workshop: Sunday Night, Monday, and Tuesday (includes Grof lecture below) - $325
  • Sunday Night Opening Lecture for Holotropic Breathwork Workshop - Stanislav Grof: The Healing Potential of Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness - $15
  • Continuing Medical Education (CME) - $125
  • Continuing Education (CE) - $40


  • Thursday: MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy
  • Thursday: Neuroscience of Psychedelics
  • Monday: Ayahuasca: Ethnobotany, Safety & Expansion
  • Monday: Digital Art Workshop


Photo and Video Waiver

This conference will be recorded and images and audio may be used online and in print educational, promotional and fundraising materials. By entering the conference premises you give us permission to use your likeness. If you ever see an image of yourself on a website or social media site over which MAPS has control, staff are happy to remove it upon your request.

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