Drugs and Clients
Drugs and Clients
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•Drugs and Clients: What Every Psychotherapist Needs to Know, written by Padma Catell, Ph.D.


Paperback: 231 pages
Publisher: Castalia Pubns (July 2004)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0929150767
ISBN-13: 978-0929150765
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Drugs and Clients is written for people who are studying or practicing the art of psychotherapy, particularly Marriage and Family Therapists, Clinical Social Workers, nurses, graduate students, school counselors, and psychologists, all of whom have a need to know how prescription psychoactive medications and other mind-altering drugs, both legal and illegal, affect their clients.


Praise for the book:

"This work is very well researched, based on information as current as a book can provide. Amazingly, in just over 200 pages, Dr. Catell manages to provide all the essential information a psychotherapist might need to address a myriad of questions or situations arising in a session. She also includes a concise review of brain structure and function. A unique aspect of this book is Catell's inclusion of alternative medicines like supplements and aromatherapy which give it a balanced appeal." The Therapist, Journal of the California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists, (May-June 2005)

"Catell's excellent book stands as evidence that psychologists could bring an important perspective to the dispensing of drugs that most physicians lack: mental health expertise." ForeWord Magazine (September-October, 2004)

"Written in no-nonsense, unbiased terms, it describes the effects of drugs, how they are viewed by the modern American legal system, health risks, results of statistical studies, and more. A superb resource manual for anyone needing to acquaint themselves with the basics of common psychoactive chemicals." MidWest Book Review (October, 2004)


About the author:

Dr. Catell, who is a psychologist and a therapist with an MA in biology with a specialization in pharmacology, addresses the most common pharmacological situations facing clinical therapists in a clear and objective style. The focus is on how to recognize when a medication evaluation might be needed, and how the various psychotropic substances might effect the therapeutic process. She believes that it is vital for psychotherapists to be able to discuss with their clients, in a knowledgeable and unbiased way, the clients' options for taking medications and the affects of any non-prescription psychoactive drugs that a client may be taking. She has been teaching psychopharmacology to graduate students for many years, and has written Drugs and Clients, not only as a guide to practicing therapists, but also as a textbook for her own classes and for other educators who are teaching this increasingly important subject.


Visit the Drugs and Clients website to learn more about psychopharmacology.

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