Laura Huxley by Dean Chamberlain

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11'' x 14'' Archival Pigment Print on Fine Art Matte Paper

Artist: Dean Chamberlain


This image of the beloved Laura Huxley is the second print in Dean Chamberlain's Psychedelic Pioneers series. This portrait was created in 1997 in Huxley's home in Los Angeles. This edition of prints was created to help fund MAPS-sponsored research into psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy in people struggling with the mystery of death, Laura and Aldous Huxley pioneered the use of psychedelics to ease the dying process, as described in This Timeless Moment, by Laura Huxley. Fifty percent of the profits from the sale of these prints will go towards this research.

Chamberlain’s images are created entirely in the camera, with no computer manipulation. His light painting technique involves working with his camera and subject in completely dark spaces. Using extremely long exposures in sessions that often extend to four or five hours, he moves through the composition space with a flashlight and colored gels illuminating each individual element. More than photographing a moment, Chamberlain paints with light through time and space.

There are only 25 of these beautiful archival pigment prints.

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