Lotus Dome Culture by Geo Atherton
Lotus Dome Culture by Geo Atherton
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Price: $120.00
Product Information:

24'' x 12'' Digital Painting
Giclee Print on Canvas

Artist: George Atherton

From the Artist:

These pieces are inspired by the symbiotic relationship between plants and pollinators, and the use of bio-mimicry in design. These pieces invoke the totems of the bee, the butterfly, and the humming bird. These powerful creatures give rise to the abundance of nature by spreading the genetic information of pollen. Likewise, to assist and protect them in their mission, we must spread the information of how to transform our world, transmitting the memes of a radically sustainable society through our digital networks. In this modern age of disconnection from nature and colony collapse syndrome, we may look to the bee hive for models of a thriving symbiotic society. May we live in harmony with the Earth and harvest the sweet honey of permacultural utopia.

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