Portrait of John C. Lily by Dean Chamberlain

Price: $1,200.00



• 15'' x 19'' Limited Edition Print on Heavyweight Fine-Art Archival Paper

Artist: Dean Chamberlain


This portrait of John C. Lily comes from Dean Chamberlain’s limited edition Psychedelic Pioneers light painting series, signed by the artist.


Chamberlain’s images are created entirely in the camera, with no computer manipulation. His light painting technique involves working with his camera and subject in completely dark spaces. Using extremely long exposures in sessions that often extend to four or five hours, he moves through the composition space with a flashlight and colored gels illuminating each individual element. More than photographing a moment, Chamberlain paints with light through time and space.


This edition of prints was created to help fund MAPS-sponsored LSD and psilocybin research as well as to commemorate Timothy Leary's passage. Fifty percent of the profits from the sale of these prints go towards this research.


The purchasers of these prints will own a unique relic of a man who forever has changed humankind’s path.


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