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Books      View All
Acid Test
Price: $18.00
Modern Consciousness Research
Price: $29.95
LSD My Problem Child
Price: $15.95
Clothing & Accessories      View All
MAPS Shirt
Price: $30.00
MAPS Kanteen
Price: $30.00
MAPS Hooded Fleece
Price: $60.00
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Ayahuasca: Vine Of The Soul DVD
Price: $25.00
Neurons to Nirvana (DVD)
Price: $25.00
Dirty Pictures (DVD)
Price: $25.00
Historic Artifacts      View All
PiHKAL : A Chemical Love Story (SIGNED)
Price: $500.00
TiHKAL : The Continuation (SIGNED) by the Shulgins
Price: $500.00
LSD My Problem Child - Signed, Original, Hardcover
Price: $1,000.00
MAPS Bulletin: Back Issues      View All
Bulletin Vol 24.1: Psychedelics and Education
Price: $8.95
Bulletin Vol 23.1: Psychedelics in Psychology & Ps
Price: $8.95
Bulletin Vol 25.1: Psychedelics and Policy
Price: $8.95
Art Gallery      View All
Rolling Thunder by Simon Haiduk
Price: $450.00
Celestial Shore by Adam Scott Miller
Price: $250.00
Nilza by Andrew Jones
Price: $850.00

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